Eco-Schools in Finland

Eco-Schools is the world's largest sustainable programme within the educational sector. More than 350 schools currently participate in the programme in Finland. A version of the programme in English is available for international schools located in Finland.


The world's largest sustainable schools programme

Eco-Schools is the world's largest sustainable schools programme. The programme operates in 68 countries, and  has been run in Finland under the name Vihreä lippu (Green Flag) for more than 20 years. Currently there are more than 350 schools registered in the programme in Finland.

Eco-Schools empowers children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools award. Eco Schools includes everyone, combines learning with hands-on experiences, improves the school environment and motivates and improves attitudes by challenges students to engage in tackling environmental problems at a level where they can see tangible results.

Read more about the global Eco-Schools programme here.

Video: Environmental education, participation and everyday actions - Eco-Schools 20 years in Finland!

International schools in Finland

FEE Suomi has customized the Eco Schools programme for the Finnish educational system. Most of our material is available in Finnish and Swedish.

English-speaking international schools located in Finland may join the programme as well, however following slightly different guidelines and materials, which have been tailored for international schools by the International Eco-Schools Programme.

Find tools and resources for International Schools here.

Signing up for the programme

If you are an international school with a multinational and multilingual staff and student body, and located in Finland, you may join the programme in English by filling in the sign-up form here.

If you are a school operating mainly in Finnish or Swedish, please join the programme here. If you are an international school located outside Finland, you can find further info about joining the programme at the international Eco-Schools programme website.

Costs of joining the programme

The cost for participating in the Eco-Schools programme in Finland is 600 € / year for schools with more than 100 pupils, or 300 € / year for schools with 100 or fewer pupils. The yearly levy covers administration, support & mentoring, resources & tools, as well as the Eco Schools  certification.

We believe that savings in water, waste and electricity costs as the results of implementing the Eco-Schools programme in your school will more than cover the costs of the yearly levy. 

International schools are assessed for the Green Flag certificate by an on-site assessment visit.  

More information

Are you interested in joining the Eco-Schools programme as an international school in Finland and want to know more? Please contact us by email

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