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  • For International Schools with a multinational and multilingual staff and student body, located in Finland.

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  • By agreeing to act as contact person I also agree to the use of my name, e-mail address and telephone by Ympäristökasvatusjärjestö FEE Suomi for the purposes of the Eco Schools programme. I may demand that my name and contact details are removed from the data base at any time by contacting FEE Suomi.

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  • The annual fee is 550 € (more than 100 children/students) or 275 € (less than 100 children/students. If you want your bill sent by snail mail to the address given above, leave this field empty.

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  • Kenttä on validointitarkoituksiin ja tulee jättää koskemattomaksi.

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