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International schools report

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The school has an Eco Committee, which acts as the driving force of the Eco-Schools programme. It directs and addresses all phases of the programme and ensures that all of the Seven Steps are carried out. The student members of the Eco Committee are responsible for reporting to other students and for bringing their ideas back to the Eco Committee meetings.
The work in the Eco Committee is student-driven.(Pakollinen)
Students need to make up at least 2/3 of the Eco Committee members!
The Eco Committee has to meet at least eight times a year.


The Eco Committee undertakes an Environmental Review at the beginning of each Eco-Schools project to evaluate the school’s impact on the environment and overall progress on all Eco-Schools themes.
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    Based on the Environmental Review, the Eco-Committee decides on three priority themes to focus on in the Eco-Schools project. One of these should always be Global Citizenship or Climate Change.
    Which themes did you choose?
    Remember that one of the themes has to be either Global Citizenship or Climate Change and that you have to pick at least one new theme for each new project!
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    The Eco Committee will monitor and review progress against the Action Plan's set targets and timeframe and identify areas for continuous improvement. They build on successes and decide on remedial action if activities are not proving successful.
    Please indicate what methods you used and how you involved the rest of the school. Did you change anything during the course of the project?
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    Students develop knowledge, skills (e.g. decision-making) and attitudes through real life, engaging activities in the curriculum. They are empowered to be change agents for solving environmental issues in school or the community.
    Participation in the Eco-Schools programme is listed in the school’s yearly planning.(Pakollinen)
    Eco-Schools theme days, events, competitions, projects, celebrations etc. are included in the school’s curriculum and schedule at least six times per year.
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    What kind of theme days, events, competitions, projects, celebrations ...
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    The chosen Eco-Schools themes are included in the curriculum and taught as part of the lessons. Please give examples!
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    The whole school is involved in Eco-Schools activities. Parents and families, as well as the rest of the community, are informed of the Eco-Schools programme and the various Eco-Schools activities.
    At least 70% of students participated in Eco-Schools events and activities during the project.(Pakollinen)
    Parents and families are to be informed of the Eco-Schools programme and the various Eco-Schools activities.
    Eco-Schools events, activities, projects and achievements are to be highlighted and updated on e.g. the school website, social media, school newsletter or in the local press.
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    The school produces an Eco Code that describes the school’s commitment to environmentally friendly actions. The Eco Code is produced/updated by the Eco Committee. The rest of the school is also given a chance to participate in forming the Eco Code.
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    The Eco Code is known and recognized by the whole school (e.g. by keeping it visible in all classrooms).

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